Tick Tock: Are you watching the clock?

By Ruby dela Cruz

December 21, 2019, the shortest day of the year is approaching–the winter solstice where the Northern Hemisphere will experience the shortest day of the year and the longest night. Some may think this is the coldest day of the year, but this is not always the case–in fact, this will most likely occur in January as it did earlier this year.

But the question is are you prepared? How about your children? How about your home?

Here are some things I’ve thought about!

Home Preparation
● Maintain chimney cleaned and cleaned and inspected.
● Adjust the Temperature on Your Water Heater check and to be sure it’s running properly.
● Make sure your emergency kit is up-to-date and ready for winter storms that may keep you indoors

I won’t actually be home much though, I’m off traveling from NYC to an even colder location(Michigan)–I have no idea why!

But I have prepared by doing the following:
1. Checked to see if the weather has issued advisories
2. Checked my car for winter needs especially headlights and the motor/heater.

Most of all I have checked in with my family near and far I’m just so excited to see everyone. We’re going to make this time memorable and safe!

What are some things you are checking in on?