Ily, inc. and COVID-19: We Still Care

Our world is changing everyday–but we want you to know that our care remains the same .

We have waived all onboarding fees and increased our team of qualified Childcare Providers and Educators to meet the demands of online learning and the need for personalized one-on-one sessions. Because, now more than ever, children need caregivers, tutors, and teachers who are knowledgeable, skilled, and most importantly loving .

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for families in terms of education and childcare and we hope to ease the burden of the sudden transition to at-home learning. Tutoring sessions are tailored to each child’s age, interests, and learning goals. Through Kidpass and our Private Activity Platform, we incorporate play, art, and music to ensure a love for learning. For each session, we create a simple materials list based on what you have available. Activities that students have loved with our Tutors include apple printing, collages, toilet roll sculptures, and much more. With each activity, we plan a curated lesson where students learn skills, songs, and dances related to our learning goals.

We also know that just because schools and businesses have shut down, does not mean your life has–in fact it is most likely the opposite. So, if in-home care is needed, our same thoroughly vetted Providers are currently quarantining and working with only one family at a time. If it is not possible for the Provider to live-in, we make sure they are able to travel to you without the use of public transportation.

Whatever your need may be,
we vow to stand with you through these tough times, and continuously show that


Here for you. All of you. Always.